Welcome to ¥ The Unforgotten's ¥ Website. We are are a well organized clan. We are in progress of restarting back up. Heavens Sin ran the skilling clan for many years. We have a wild, fun, mature, and active community. We are ran by a great leaders by the name of Heavens Sin and II Nex II. Heavens is very active, very friendly fun-loving person, very dedicated to the clan and very into skilling and stats on osrs. II Nex II is laid back, dedicated, very friendly and always willing to help others out " and a bad MF'r if you piss him off" lol. We have a variety of events and weekly skill challenges to motivate players in training.

Leader/Unforgiven: Heavens Sin
Co-Leader/Unforgiven: II Nex II
Co-Leader/Unforgiven: [[[]]]
~Clan Time~
Central Time

Be Active!

~Clan Info~
Clan Chat: unforgott en
Runescape Thread QFC:
Clan Stats
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