June 10 2018

Welcome back to the Clan This is the first day of bringing the Clan back!!!

Unforgotten Clan is re-established

June 15 2018

Very 1st Weekly Challenge Started It's Slayer!!!!!!!

June 22 2018

Slayer Challenge 1st Place Winner is Cibibi!!!!!!!

Slayer Challenge 2nd Place Winner is Azlarrr!!!!!!!

Weekly Challenge Crafting Starts!!!!!!!

June 28 2018

Clans Hits 50+ Members!!!!!!!

July 6 2018

Weekly Challenge Range Starts!!!!!!!

Crafting Challenge 1st Place Winner is Pharmacy99!!!!!!!

Crafting Challenge 2nd Place Winner is II Nex II!!!!!!!

July 12 2018

0nion Bhaji Gets Legendary Status as 1st Clannie to get 99 During Challenge Grats on 99 Range!!!!!!!


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