Singles Challenge

*Singles Dungeoneering Challenge*
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Event Details: This is a weekly skill challenge. It starts 8am Clan Time Friday and ends 8am Clan Time the following Friday.

Point and Rule Details

We will have a individual skill Challenge each week. These will start on Fridays at 8am clan time and run until the following Friday at the same time. These will be listed on the Calendar. The skill will be predetermined and the person with the most xp will win. You will get points based on the amount of xp you get during it. To participate there will be a thread to post your name and current xp in that skill. It is in the forums on here under activities click weekly challenges Click here to go to Forum Remember I will check your starting and ending xp =) There will be two brackets for winners.

Bracket1: Below level 80 in that skill.
Bracket2: Above level 80 in that skill.

Xp needed for points:
100k xp gained = 1pt
200k xp gained = 2pts
300k xp gained = 3pts
500k xp gained = 4pts
700k xp gained = 5pts
800k xp gained = 6pts
1mil xp gained = 7pts
1.5mil xp gained = 8pts
2mil xp gained = 9pts
Additional point each mil.

Everyone who participates will get points based off the xp they gained. The people in each bracket with the most xp gained will be the winner of the Challenge will gain points for xp gained plus a xtra point for winning. The Person who gains the most levels will also receive a xtra point


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