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Postings weekly by officers of points.
962by derf6191derf6191
08 Sep 2011 02:51Jump!
Post your complete Ownage Screenies here...funny comments or any pic you like.
3276by lady lorylylady loryly
15 Aug 2011 17:55Jump!
Post your guides in this thread, Guide to Crafting?, Guide to GWD?.. any you might find usefull.
27 Jul 2011 02:18Jump!
Members Area
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Please post ur previous rs name and ur current rs name here... Spell exactly please.
535by TakemysmackTakemysmack
16 Jul 2011 07:20Jump!
goin on vacation, Grounded, Leaving runescape for while?
1832by trina258trina258
30 Aug 2011 23:37Jump!
Whats your birthday? We want to know yours so we can put on the calendar..
120by trina258trina258
09 Aug 2011 22:05Jump!
Information for Profiles
15by Olli CompolliOlli Compolli
12 Jul 2011 20:27Jump!
Skill stat signatures that appear on all your forum post
11by QueenofAmorQueenofAmor
25 Feb 2011 14:28Jump!
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Give your ideas for events here.
821by greasepunkgreasepunk
09 May 2011 06:34Jump!
Officers or Assistant Officers Please post here to Challenge another guild to a guild war.
11by QueenofAmorQueenofAmor
16 Aug 2010 14:29Jump!
This is where all contestants go to a designated house, and fight one vs one in a cb ring to be named Combat Champion. Rules named at time of Event.
311by trina258trina258
12 Aug 2011 03:24Jump!
These are different Activities you can take part in for points.
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Threads for Weekly Event Attendance. **please make sure you post on correct week**
1136by HeavensSinHeavensSin
23 Jun 2018 18:58Jump!
Answer Weekly Profile Question here **You do not have to have a profile to do this for points**
540by Olli CompolliOlli Compolli
01 Aug 2011 17:16Jump!
Monthly Activity
1244by Grudged 666Grudged 666
02 Sep 2011 02:21Jump!
Wkly Activity.
1686by derf6191derf6191
05 Sep 2011 21:14Jump!
Post clan citadel activities here.
336by greasepunkgreasepunk
01 Sep 2011 11:09Jump!
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Signup for 24 hour Dwarf Challenge.
978by pilotjrpilotjr
18 Aug 2011 00:48Jump!
Signup for Singles Weekly Challenge here.
1466by Bungie Jump5Bungie Jump5
06 Sep 2011 00:09Jump!
Signup here for Team Weekly Skill challenge.
1542by Bungie Jump5Bungie Jump5
06 Sep 2011 00:14Jump!

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