How To Get Points

¥†¥ How to Get Points ¥†¥
This shows you the various ways to earn points within the clan

You get Points by doing stuff with in the clan. You can these things to get points:

Bump the Runescape Forum Thread once a week = 1 Point
Go to an event for a whole hour = 1 Point
Do weekly challenge = (Depends on how much EXP you get)
Answer a weekly profile question = 1 Point
And more…

Points sytem: - The basic of the point system ( activity points ) is to achieve points to remain active in the clan and to achieve a higher rank you are probably asking yourself but how do I get those points? I will answer that question for you. - There are different ways to achieve activity:

1. You can get points by going to daily clan events. If you attend an event and stay there the entire hour you get 1 point.

2. You can get points by joining clan challenges. There are clan challenges weekly. You get points depending on how much xp you have done in the challenge. More information about this once you join our clan.

3. You can get points by bumping the clan thread. YOu can only get this point once a week after bumping the thread once you will get a point. But please keep thread active and bump away

If you have any questions ask a officer or leader.

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