Unforgiven - The Leaders - gold stars

Guardian - Officers - silver stars

Warder - bronze stars

Protector - three lines

Defender - two lines

Apprentice - one line

Associate - smiley face Please note you are not a full member of the clan until you become Apprentice or higher

Must Cap at Citadel Weekly to Remain Rank/Stay in Clan

*Note all stars are officers they have the authority to kick in clan chat and to accept/decline new members.

Associate - 20 points to rank up to next level.

Apprentice - 50 points to rank up to next level.

Defender - 75 points to rank up to next level.

Protector - 125 points. Ranked up by being chosen and only if officer spots are open.

Warder - Chosen according to clan activeness.

Guardian - Chosen according to clan activeness. This is the highest rank you can achieve within the clan. Decided by vote.

recruit-1 stripe- Associate - new recruits
corporal-2 stripes- Apprentice
sergeant-3 stripes- Journeyman
lieutenant-bronze star-Defender
captain-silver star- Protectors
general-gold star- Attacker
admin-bronze emblem Warders
oraganiser-silver Guardians
coordinator-gold (war lord)High Marshal (chosen)
overseer-bronze key Master Guardians & Warders (chosen)
deputy owner-silver key unforgiven
owner-gold key unforgiven

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