Clan Rules

1.Add Heavens Sin, and II Nex II after u get accepted to the clan.

2.We use discord a lot so this is a need if at all possible. MUST JOIN CLAN DISCORD TO RANK ABOVE ONE STRIPE

3.Respect all the runescape rules.

4.Respect all the forum rules.

5.Obey all in game and on forum Jagex Rules.

6.Be nice and respectful to other clan members.

7.Be as active as possible. If unable to play for long periods please post that you will be gone.

8.No Begging. Dont beg other clan members for items or money we are not here to make you wealthy. This includes asking for items or cash, "joking" about it will not be tolerated. There is only one warning for this rule and then you will be banned.

9.Be respectful of the ranks the higher ranks have earned it don't be rude to them, argue with them, or call them names they can kick you.

10.Do Not Argue with the leaders or the officers.

11.Use Clan Chat as often as possible. You dont have to be in it all the time but please do when possible.

12.Respect the decisions that the leaders make they know whats best for the clan!

13.NO Multi-Clanning. *Mini-game chats are allowed, there are some exceptions with leaders approval

14.No reporting of officers, leaders or fellow clan members for things done in clan chat. *will result in banning

15.If you dont have rank do not act like it.

16.No begging for ranks. Ask more than 10 times instant ban from clan.

17.No cheating during challenges. Includes botting or having someone else do the work for you *Suspicion of will result in instant bann

18. NO discussions or remarks to religion, race, or politics in cc.

19. No comments of making unwanted advances or flirting to other members this is not your dating cc.

20. Watch the language in cc this isnt your bar to cuss and rave in.

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