Screen Shots

How to Take a Screen Shot

1. Get in your outfit and to the place u want the picture at.

2. Find Printscreen on your keyboard should be near f keys or over by the number pad. Click on it.

3. Go to your computer start menu and open paint program and click edit then click on paste.

4. Save to a file on your computer.

How to Post a Screen Shot

1.Upload your screen shot to a remote image hosting site.

I use Photobucket for mine.

Go to Photobucket
Upload your image to photobucket.
Mouse over the image after its uploaded, a little window will appear under it. Copy the Direct Link to image url.

2. Go to forums select the correct thread you wish to post in.
3. Open a new post
4. Paste the url in it
5. You have to add the brackets and image to the front of the link and brackets at the end.
The code should look like this:


Another image hosting site you could use is imageshack
1. upload your screen-shot to imageshack, the imageshack website is
2. Once you have uploaded the screen-shot you will be given some codes down the left hand side of the page, copy the direct link code

3. Once you have copyied the direct code you need to add opening brackets then image to the start and then closing brackets at the end of the code. For example

direct code:

the direct code would need to be changed to this

completed code: 

4. copy the completed code into the post and you get a picture :)

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