Welcome to ¥ The Unforgotten's ¥ Website. We are are a well organized clan. We are in progress of restarting back up. Heavens Sin ran the skilling clan for 3 years. We have a wild, fun, mature, and active community. We are ran by a great leaders by the name of Heavens Sin, Cremm and Squissward. Heavens is very active, and a fun-loving person. Cremm is your all around active fun leader. Squissward is your amazingly funny noob. We have a variety of events and weekly skill challenges to motivate players in training.

Leader/Unforgiven: Heavens Sin
Co-Leader/Unforgiven: Cremm
Co-Leader/Unforgiven: Squissward
~Clan Time~
Central Time

Be Active!

~Clan Info~
Clan Chat: unforgott3n1
Runescape Thread QFC: 87-88-341-61539239

Clan Stats

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